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Revolutionary new material is born!

From mechanical cleaning to biochemical cleaning!


From conventional mechanical (using machines and equipment) cleaning to biochemical (chemical reaction of enzymes) cleaning!

A new material "APAZY ME" that overturns the conventional wisdom is born! "APAZYME" decomposes plaque produced from bioapatite derived from protein lipid strong degrading enzyme + eggshell, and promotes tartar peeling to prevent periodontal disease.

When removing tartar at the dental clinic, the hygienist can remove tartar with a light force so that the patient does not feel pain, and 99.9% of plaque is decomposed by re-adsorption of apatite. In addition, the surface of the teeth is modified, which can be expected to suppress tooth decay and whiten the teeth. Furthermore, by decomposing tongue coating, the oral environment is improved and measures are taken to improve dysphagia.

This one solves various problems related to maintaining the oral hygiene environment. It is a miracle material that will revolutionize future maintenance!

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For measures against various infectious diseases!





[Patent pending]

Effect of APAZYME

1. Plaque decomposition → Promotion of tartar peeling → Suppression of periodontal disease

2. Tooth surface modification → Caries suppression → Whitening effect

3. Decomposition of tongue coating → Maintaining tongue health → Improving dysphagia

Solve various problems in maintaining the oral hygiene environment! !!

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