Orthodontic aligner cleaning agent

APF Aligner Premium Form

The orthodontic aligner is a hotbed of germs!

Oral contamination can also cause bad breath and periodontal disease.

The aligner is well cared for by the power of enzymes that have a proteolytic effect and disrupt the cross-linked structure of various peptidases.

Why don't you improve the oral environment and start building a body that can withstand infectious diseases?


Proteolytic enzyme, sodium bicarbonate, CMC-Na, xylitol

Orthodontic aligner cleaning agent

Aligner Premium Form is born!

The orthodontic aligner is a hotbed of germs

Oral contamination causes bad breath and periodontal disease, which leads to systemic illness.

Periodontal disease bacteria and their toxins travel throughout the body from the blood vessels of the gums.

Importance of oral care

By caring for the oral cavity, oral function is improved and hygiene is maintained, which leads to improvement of immunity.

Keep your mouth clean with proper care and aim to improve your quality of life.

About APF effect expression

How to use

(1) When cleaning the equipment, spray it directly on the aligner to moisten the entire inside, leave it for about 5 to 10 minutes, and then wash it lightly with water before use.

(2) When cleaning the aligner and tooth attachment together, spray the aligner and attach it to the teeth for about 5 minutes, then remove it once and brush your teeth well. Rinse the aligner lightly with water and reattach it before use.


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