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Contains a high concentration of eggshell-derived apatite. The ideal additive-free soap.


High-concentration eggshell-derived apatite adsorbs and removes dirt, darkening, and dullness at the deep bottom of pores at the nano level. Brings a whitening effect.

It also adsorbs and removes acne-causing bacteria (P. acnes) and odor-causing substances, leading to healthy skin.

No synthetic surfactants, preservatives, chemically synthesized fragrances, chemically synthesized pigments, etc. are used.

An ideal additive-free soap that is gentle on the skin and achieves thorough cleaning and moisturizing with only natural ingredients.

■ Ingredients ■

Coconut oil, palm oil, olive oil, sodium hydroxide, shea butter, hydroxyapatite,

Squalene, jojoba oil, rosewood oil, cedar wood oil, lavender oil

* Eggshell-derived apatite is highly heat-treated and does not contain allergens.

* Allergy tested (not all people are allergic).

High concentration of eggshell-derived apatite!

An ideal additive-free soap that removes dirt at the nano level.


Gently keep clean

The adsorptive power of eggshell-derived apatite keeps your skin clean without damaging it.

Naturally derived additive-free soap

No synthetic surfactants, synthetic preservatives, synthetic stabilizers, chemically synthesized fragrances, chemically synthesized pigments, mineral oils, etc. are added.

An additive-free soap with 100% naturally derived ingredients that does not burden the skin.

Frame kneading / cold process manufacturing method

A cold process manufacturing method that takes more than 30 days to finish by skilled craftsmen, sticking to each material.

It is moisturized because it is confined in soap without destroying the goodness of the material and leaves the natural ingredients firmly.

Vegetable oils & natural essential oils only

Only good quality vegetable oils are used to minimize irritation to the skin.

In addition, no chemically synthesized fragrance is used for the fragrance, and high-quality natural aroma oil is luxuriously blended.

Feel the goodness of oil on your washed skin while being healed by the pure scent.

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