For infectious disease control! Innovative technology is born!


Microorganisms love proteins!

It effectively attaches microorganisms to the object, supplies the nutrients needed for bacterial growth, and diminishes the effectiveness of the disinfectant.

Therefore, it is important to remove proteins prior to disinfection and improve the disinfection effect thereafter.

It strongly decomposes proteins and has antibacterial and long-lasting power comparable to alcohol.

A new idea "Resoma". It's done here!

《Patent pending》

Infectious disease countermeasures! Innovative technology is born!

New antibacterial agent with new ideas
"RESOMA" completed !!

[Patent pending]

Infectious disease countermeasures! Innovative technology is born!

That is RESOMA!

(Resonance of Materials)

Infectious disease countermeasures Complete treatment measures for pathogens

Microorganisms love proteins!

Bacteria will not disappear just by simple disinfection!


・ Effectively attach microorganisms to objects

・ Supplying nutrients necessary for bacterial growth

・ Reduces the effect of disinfectants

Therefore, from protein removal to sterilization and antibacterial !

Primary cleaning is important .

* What is "primary cleaning (pre-cleaning)"?

Work to remove organic substances from the object in advance for effective disinfection and sterilization.

If the pathogenic microorganism is disinfected without removing the biofilm (protein) that protects it, the attached protein will be denatured and coagulated, which will hinder the subsequent treatment.

It is important to remove biological proteins prior to disinfection and improve the disinfection effect thereafter.

Powerful protein removal ability test result

10 minutes later

20 minutes later

After 30 minutes.

It can be seen that disinfectants do not have proteolytic ability and RESOMA has strong proteolytic ability.

Antibacterial ability test result

Antibacterial ability continuous test result

Antibacterial by applying each

10 minutes after wiping, measurement of airborne bacteria

(Use medium for Staphylococcus aureus)

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