In response to the recent increase in demand for infectious disease prevention, we sell the best masks for infectious disease prevention. It is inspected in Japan and sterilized by UV before packaging.

We outsource inspection, UV sterilization and packaging work to the "Working Continuity Support Type B Office" and contribute to the independence support of those with a handicap.

FDA standard compliant.

[ NEW! ] 2020/06/03 News release from Natty Life Co., Ltd.

6 pieces 500 yen (tax included) (shipping fee not included)

UV (ultraviolet) sterilized in Japan

We carry out sterilization by irradiation with UVC (ultraviolet rays), which has been confirmed to have a bactericidal effect on viruses and various other germs.

* The mechanism by which bacteria are killed by germicidal lines has not yet been fully clarified, but it is thought to be roughly as follows. The wavelength characteristics of the bactericidal action are similar to the absorption characteristics of ultraviolet radiation of nucleic acid substances contained in living organisms, and it is the fact that there is not much difference in wavelength characteristics between different types of bacteria. It is thought that this is because it is used for nucleic acid (DNA), which is the protoplasm.

When the nucleic acid in the cell is irradiated with ultraviolet radiation and absorbed, the nucleic acid undergoes a chemical change, the metabolism is impaired, and the growth ability is first lost. It is said that when the irradiation dose is further increased, the protoplasm is destroyed and it dies. Detailed research on such irradiation of ultraviolet radiation and alteration and destruction of bacteria has also been conducted. Sterilization by ultraviolet radiation has different effects depending on the type of bacteria and habitat conditions, but it is considered to be effective against various bacterial species.


All products have been inspected in Japan

After importing from the country of origin, we carry out inspection work on the assumption that all masks will be sterilized.

Now that the globalization of production has progressed, in order to deliver better quality masks at affordable prices, it is common to place orders with production bases in other countries, but after importing into Japan, everyone All masks are sterilized and inspected before delivery.

UV sterilization and inspection are outsourced to employment continuation support offices

The new coronavirus originating in China has not only health effects but also major economic impacts.

Employment continuation support offices are no exception, and we are robbing everyone who has been working at each office until now.

We will support those who are working daily toward independence by requesting UV sterilization, inspection, and packing from the employment continuation support office.

Natty Life Co., Ltd. has released a news release entitled "Information on the start of sales of non-woven masks and repacks by persons with disabilities / Regional cooperation project by ACE16 Kawasaki Takatsu, a B-type business establishment that supports continuous employment ."

Employment continuation support type B establishment is a facility for employment continuation support based on the Comprehensive Support Law for Persons with Disabilities (formerly the Independence Support Law for Persons with Disabilities). The purpose is to provide employment opportunities to people with disabilities who have difficulty finding employment in general companies at the local point, and to provide disability welfare services such as training necessary to improve their knowledge and abilities through production activities. It is said.


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