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Whitening paste containing the highest concentration of eggshell-derived apatite!


With the maximum concentration of 42% apatite derived from eggshell, it removes pigments and stains, periodontal disease and bad breath-causing bacteria with a strong adsorptive power that has never been experienced before without polishing the teeth.

In addition, eggshell-derived apatite, which has almost the same composition as human teeth and bones, coats the enamel and prevents reattachment of dirt and bacteria.

Please feel the difference after washing.

■ Efficacy ■

Whiten teeth, remove plaque, prevent tooth decay,

Purifies the mouth, prevents bad breath, removes tooth stains, prevents tartar deposits

■ Ingredients ■

Hydroxyapatite, glycerin, water, cellulose gum, peppermint oil, menthol, tocopherol acetate, glycyrrhizic acid 2K

* Eggshell-derived apatite is highly heat-treated and does not contain allergens.

* Allergy tested (not all people are allergic).

Contains 42% maximum concentration of eggshell-derived apatite

For healthier teeth with natural whitening paste.

Features of WHITE RIPRO

Adsorbs and removes dirt and pigments without scraping teeth

With the power of eggshell-derived apatite,

It removes pigments, stains, periodontal disease and bad breath-causing bacteria with a strong adsorptive power that has never been experienced before.

Naturally derived natural toothpaste

Only naturally derived ingredients are used because it is a toothpaste that is used every day.

A natural toothpaste with a refreshing and gentle mint scent.

Synthetic surfactants, synthetic preservatives, synthetic sweeteners, synthetic stabilizers,

No synthetic fragrances, synthetic pigments, or mineral oils

Abrasive / foaming agent-free formulation

Since eggshell-derived apatite adsorbs plaque and tooth stains that cause tooth decay,

It leads to beautiful teeth without polishing and keeps teeth and gums healthy.

Also, since no foaming agent is used, there is little foaming and you can polish it carefully for a long time.


Dental plaque and dirty teeth

Also for aging measures

Contains naturally derived vitamin E to strengthen the resistance of the gums and promote activation.

Clean and keep after polishing

It also prevents stickiness and bad breath when you wake up.

In addition, it coats the teeth after removing the dirt and prevents the dirt from reattaching, so it keeps the whiteness.

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