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Joint research at the Tokyo Institute of Technology super smart society education research field

At the Suzukakedai Campus agricultural field, we are conducting research and demonstration experiments on "smart agriculture" by combining Tokyo Tech's cutting-edge technology with our own.

We will solve food problems in Japan and the world by establishing "smart agriculture" technology.

State-of-the-art technology
from Tokyo Tech

sensor technology

Quantum computers, which are expected to be put into practical use as ultra-high-speed next-generation computers, and quantum sensors that are capable of detection with higher sensitivity than before, are being researched and explored for applications, which will lead to advanced information processing. Aiming to contribute to the construction of a super smart society that requires

smart robotics

It is a research platform for robot utilization in the fields of land, air, water, and manufacturing. We will build a place for practical research and education on four-legged robots for outdoor fields (land), drones (air), underwater robots/water drones (underwater), digital manufacturing technology, etc., and develop robotics that supports a super smart society. Creation

ultrasonic technology

Our technology

Technology that enables "smart agriculture" even in areas without power and water


​Two-axis tracking photovoltaic power generation device capable of self-sustaining control without power supply

Rainwater purification irrigation system

A system that collects rainwater and uses a special filter to irrigate the soil as suitable water for plants.


Pyrite compound semiconductor thin film solar cell

New structure rotating body

New structural technology that can be used for robots, etc. Enables 3D rotation of heavy objects without load. Two balance points allow simplification of spatial coordinate recognition calculations

Through the fusion of both technologies, we will establish a new "smart agriculture" and promote research and development so that Tokyo Tech's world-class technology can be applied to a wider range of agricultural fields.
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