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Highest concentration of eggshell-derived apatite

Whitening paste



A natural whitening paste containing 42% of eggshell-derived apatite.

For healthier teeth.

With the maximum concentration of 42% apatite derived from eggshell, it removes pigments and stains, periodontal disease and bad breath-causing bacteria with a strong adsorptive power that has never been experienced before, without polishing the teeth. In addition, eggshell-derived apatite, which has almost the same composition as human teeth and bones, coats the enamel and prevents the reattachment of dirt and bacteria. Please feel the difference in polishing.


Whiten teeth, remove plaque, prevent tooth decay, cleanse mouth, prevent bad breath, remove tartar, prevent tartar deposits


Hydroxyapatite, glycerin, water, cellulose gum, peppermint oil, menthol, tocopherol acetate, glycyrrhizic acid 2K

* Eggshell-derived apatite is highly heat-treated and does not contain allergens.
* Allergy tested (not all people are allergic).

LANBRAN WHITE REPRO  (Lambran White Repro)

Eggshell-derived apatite (cleaning ingredient) 42% high content. Approaches colored stains * and plaque * with the adsorptive power of eggshell-derived apatite. Whitening * toothpaste that gently removes * without damaging your teeth or gums.

* Depends on the brushing effect.

No abrasives or foaming agents used

No synthetic surfactants, synthetic preservatives, synthetic stabilizers, synthetic fragrances, coloring agents, or mineral oils added

A new ingredient focusing on the power of "eggs"

The egg shell has a delicate and functional structure that keeps the chicks breathing and warm and prevents microorganisms from entering the egg. Focusing on the power of the egg, we use eggshell-derived apatite produced by our unique technology as a raw material for LANBRAN.

Allergens are not included because it is processed and produced at a high temperature of about 1,000 degrees using Japanese egg shells.

Birth of eggshell-derived apatite

​Eggshell-derived apatite produced from eggshell is a component that makes up about 97% of tooth enamel and about 70% of bone. In addition, because it contains the mineral content of eggs, it has a higher biocompatibility than mineral-derived apatite. It is attracting attention in many fields such as cosmetics, oral care products, antibacterial products, supplements, and regenerative medicine.

Power to adsorb

​Apatite derived from eggshell, which has finer particles and is smoother than talc, has high adsorptivity to various substances due to its structure, so it gently adsorbs and removes excess sebum and dirt without damaging the skin. increase.

simply. To good quality. comfortably.

LANBRAN contains only carefully selected raw materials that are not only detergency but also less irritating in order to create a healthy oral environment.

I want to be simple and comfortable because it is something I touch every day.

Features of White Repro




Adsorbs and removes dirt and pigments without scraping teeth


With the power of eggshell-derived apatite, it removes pigments, stains, periodontal disease and bad breath-causing bacteria with a strong adsorption power that has never been experienced before.


Natural toothpaste of natural origin


Uses only naturally derived ingredients. A gentle mint scent. No synthetic surfactants, synthetic preservatives, synthetic sweeteners, synthetic stabilizers, chemically synthesized fragrances, scientifically synthesized pigments, or mineral oils.


Foaming agent-free formulation


Eggshell-derived apatite adsorbs plaque and tooth stains that cause tooth decay, leading to beautiful teeth without polishing the teeth and keeping the teeth and gums healthy. Since no foaming agent is used, there is little foaming and you can polish it carefully for a long time.

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