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High-performance 3-layer mask

Contributes to supporting the independence of people with disabilities



A dustproof UV sterilization mask that is ideal for preventing infectious diseases.

We sell high-performance 3-layer non-woven masks made in China in Japan by inspecting them, sterilizing them with a high-performance UV sterilizer, and packaging them in individual bags.

We outsource inspection, UV sterilization and packaging work to "ACE16 Kawasaki Takatsu", a type B office that supports continuous employment to realize the desired life of everyone with various disabilities.

Employment continuation support type B establishment is a welfare service that allows people who have difficulty in employment contracts due to age, physical strength, etc. to carry out employment training such as light work.


Through the sale of this mask, we are contributing to the independence support of those with a handicap.

【Product Features】

  • ​ High-performance 3-layer mask (for colds and pollen)

  • Splash-proof, dust-proof, quick-drying material

  • Firmly fits with nose fitter

  • Comfortable with loose pleats that do not make you suffocate​

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