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High concentration of eggshell-derived apatite

Makeup soap derived from natural ingredients



Born from an egg shell
High concentration of eggshell-derived apatite
Naturally-derived cosmetic soap that removes stains at the nano level


High-concentration eggshell-derived apatite adsorbs and removes dirt, darkening, and dullness at the bottom of pores at the nano level. Brings a whitening effect.

It also adsorbs and removes acne-causing bacteria (Acne bacteria) and odor-causing substances, leading to healthy skin.
No synthetic surfactants, preservatives, chemically synthesized fragrances, chemically synthesized pigments, etc. are used.
An ideal additive-free soap that is gentle on the skin and achieves thorough cleaning and moisturization using only natural ingredients.


Palm oil, palm oil, olive oil, sodium hydroxide, shea butter, hydroxyapatite, squalane, jojoba oil, rosewood oil, Himalayan cedar wood oil, lavender oil

* Eggshell-derived apatite is highly heat-treated and does not contain allergens.
* Allergy tested (not all people are allergic).

simply. To high quality. comfortably.

Removes dirt and excess sebum while preserving moisture to create a healthy skin environment. LANBRAN is particular about materials that are not only detergency but also less irritating to the skin.

I want to be simple and comfortable because it is something I touch every day.

A new ingredient focusing on the power of "eggs"

The egg shell has a delicate and functional structure that keeps the chicks breathing and warm and prevents microorganisms from entering the egg. Focusing on the power of the egg, we use eggshell-derived apatite produced by our unique technology as a raw material for LANBRAN.

Allergens are not included because it is processed and produced at a high temperature of about 1,000 degrees using Japanese egg shells.

Birth of eggshell-derived apatite

​Eggshell-derived apatite produced from eggshell is a component that makes up about 97% of tooth enamel and about 70% of bone. In addition, because it contains the mineral content of eggs, it has a higher biocompatibility than mineral-derived apatite. It is attracting attention in many fields such as cosmetics, oral care products, antibacterial products, supplements, and regenerative medicine.

Power to adsorb

​Apatite derived from eggshell, which has finer particles and is smoother than talc, has high adsorptivity to various substances due to its structure, so it gently adsorbs and removes excess sebum and dirt without damaging the skin. increase.

Features of Nano Cleanse Pure Soap




Gently keep clean


It also adsorbs and removes acne-causing bacteria (P. acnes), sebum stains, dullness / darkening, and odor-causing substances, leading to healthy skin.


Naturally derived additive-free soap


No synthetic surfactants, synthetic preservatives, synthetic stabilizers, chemically synthesized fragrances, chemically synthesized pigments, mineral oils, etc. are added. An additive-free soap made from 100% naturally derived ingredients that does not burden the skin.


Frame kneading

Cold process manufacturing method


A cold process manufacturing method that is carefully selected for each material and finished by skilled craftsmen over 30 days. It is moisturized because it is trapped in soap without destroying the goodness of the material and leaves the natural ingredients firmly.


Vegetable oil &
Natural essential oils only


Only good quality vegetable oils are used to minimize irritation to the skin. In addition, no chemically synthesized fragrances are used in the fragrances, and high-quality natural aroma oils are luxuriously blended.

​What is the frame kneading / cold process manufacturing method?

The cold process method is a method of making soap by slowly aging the material without applying heat. Frame kneading is a method of pouring it into a frame, cooling it over time, and hardening it. It is a manufacturing method that takes time and effort to make it carefully.

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