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Tressbio Laboratory

Through infectious disease prevention measures with new technology

We aim to create a society where everyone can feel at ease.

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What we aim for

Tress = triangle,

The two encounters give rise to the next vertex and the triangle is constructed.

The two exchanges will expand into the next new exchange.

The combination of the two technologies creates a new combination.

Such many tresses rotate and create a new mechanism.


We were born as a company that creates this opportunity and mechanism that goes from 2 to 3.


Many of the triangular gears we produce will be a great support for society and will start to move. I would like to create a business model that utilizes this new gear.



Tressbio Laboratory  Co., Ltd.

Representative Director Tadashi Kawamoto

Solutions we provide

Protein / lipid, strong degrading enzyme cleaning agent


A cleaning agent containing a special enzyme that strongly decomposes proteins and lipids. The life of the enzyme is very short, but by blending an enzyme with a long life and high decomposition performance, a cleaning agent that can be stored for a long time and used for a long time was born. A reliable cleaning agent with a proven track record in the medical field.

Since it can safely decompose biofilms in living organisms, it is expected to be the decisive factor in controlling infectious diseases.

Domestic inspection, UV sterilization, individual packaging

Dustproof mask sale

In response to the recent increase in demand for infectious disease prevention, we sell the best masks for infectious disease prevention. It is inspected in Japan and sterilized by UV before packaging.

FDA standard compliant.


This mask is handicapped by entrusting inspection, UV sterilization, and individual packaging to Natty Life Co., Ltd., which operates the employment continuation support type B office "ACE16 Kawasaki Takatsu" in collaboration with Sunworld Co., Ltd. The purpose is to contribute to the independence support of those who have it.




For infectious disease control! Innovative technology is born!


Microorganisms love proteins!

It effectively attaches microorganisms to the object, supplies the nutrients needed for bacterial growth, and diminishes the effectiveness of the disinfectant.

Therefore, it is important to remove proteins prior to disinfection and improve the disinfection effect thereafter.

It strongly decomposes proteins and has antibacterial and long-lasting power comparable to alcohol.

A new idea "Resoma". It's done here!


《Patent pending》


Ideal additive-free soap



High-concentration eggshell-derived apatite adsorbs and removes dirt, darkening, and dullness at the deep bottom of pores at the nano level. Brings a whitening effect.

It also adsorbs and removes acne-causing bacteria (P. acnes) and odor-causing substances, leading to healthy skin.

No synthetic surfactants, preservatives, chemically synthesized fragrances, chemically synthesized pigments, etc. are used.

An ideal additive-free soap that is gentle on the skin and achieves thorough cleaning and moisturizing with only natural ingredients.

[Dental clinic monopoly]


An enzyme cleaning agent for toothbrushes and dentures developed based on the enzyme cleaning agent used by dentists to clean instruments and tooth profiles with blood and body fluids. It decomposes and cleans (biofilm), which is a nest of bacteria attached to the root of the toothbrush, and removes the breeding source of various bacteria.

Even after the foam disappears, the ingredients persist and keep the toothbrush clean.

It is a safe ingredient to get in your mouth.

The ingredients after rinsing are immediately decomposed to prevent environmental impact.

From mechanical cleaning to biochemical cleaning!

From conventional mechanical (using machines and equipment) cleaning to biochemical (chemical reaction of enzymes) cleaning! A new material "APAZY ME" that overturns the conventional wisdom is born!
"APAZYME" decomposes plaque produced from bioapatite derived from protein lipid strong degrading enzyme + eggshell and promotes stone peeling to prevent periodontal disease.
Since tartar can be removed with a light force, the patient does not feel pain, and 99.9% of plaque is decomposed by re-adsorption of apatite. In addition, the surface of the teeth is modified, which can be expected to suppress tooth decay and whiten the teeth. Furthermore, by decomposing tongue coating, the oral environment is improved and measures are taken to improve dysphagia. ..
This one solves various problems. It is a miracle material that will revolutionize future maintenance!


Contains the highest concentration of eggshell-derived apatite



With the maximum concentration of 42% apatite derived from eggshell, it removes pigments and stains, periodontal disease and bad breath-causing bacteria with a strong adsorptive power that has never been experienced before without polishing the teeth.

In addition, eggshell-derived apatite, which has almost the same composition as human teeth and bones, coats the enamel and prevents reattachment of dirt and bacteria.

Please feel the difference after washing.





Orthodontic aligner cleaning agent



The orthodontic aligner is a hotbed of germs!

Oral contamination can also cause bad breath and periodontal disease.

With the power of enzymes that have a proteolytic effect and disrupt the crosslinked structure of various peptidases,

Care for the aligner.

Why don't you improve the oral environment and start building a body that can withstand infectious diseases?

Tressbio Laboratory

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